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Alex et Ayaq


Originally from Valais, I put on skis from an early age. I then improved my snowboarding skills and discovered high mountains and Freeride competitions. A great traveler, I have traveled the world and photographed the great outdoors. Adventurer, calm and reserved, I aspire to live off my passions and pass them on.

As a Federal Brevet graduate, I first developed my freelance activities in teaching snow sports.


After 14 winter seasons, including 6 years spent managing a ski and snowboard school. I set myself a new challenge to complete my journey and experience nature, outdoors, to the rhythm of the seasons.


I become an experienced climber, teach for 7 years and obtain my ASGM / ASPE climbing instructor diploma.


I take you to the great outdoors, winter and summer.


  • Snow Sports Instructor with Federal Certificate

  • Climbing Instructor with Federal Certificate

  • Via ferrata and zip line training

  • Sports school principal course

  • CIME Instructor

  • Divemaster

Snowboard freestyle



A snowboard pioneer, he started riding in 1986 with the first snowboards. Freestyler, freerider, carver, this passionate rider likes to play with the terrain and create his own style of riding. Teaching the discipline for 17 years already in Ski and Snowboard schools in the 4 Valleys (Les Collons, Thyon, Nendaz, Veyzonnas, Siviez, Verbier, la Tzoumaz), he is one of the few teachers to have completed the three Swiss training courses: Youth and sports, Swiss Snowsport and SSBS.



Trained in the famous "Scuola Teatro Dimitri", Aurélien has been performing for many years on Swiss stages a burlesque theater that he creates with his own company "Théâtre Onirique".

Wanting to create a new learning technique that is more "fun" and less "school", he therefore decides to combine skiing, snowboarding and the art of the clown to give more fun lessons.

With Aurélien, licensed ski and snowboard teacher and professional actor, you will learn or improve your skiing technique.

Skiclown "+" Cool "-" School!


  • Snow Sports Instructor with Federal Certificate

  • Professional actor

cours de grimpe
escalade trad


We no longer present her, the superwoman of the team! Mother of two children, climbing and skiing instructor for the children, the logistician of the camps, the chef and between 2 chocolate cakes she sents some routes in 7a ;-)

With these stories, she shares her passion for climbing and skiing to the youngest and also to the older children. In training to become a mid-mountain guide, in a short time she will take you to discover our beautiful region and why not foreign countries to walk and climb!


  • Aspiring mid-mountain guide

  • Climbing instructor in training

Michael Kimber

Mountain guide

For your mountain trips : ice climbing, ski touring, haute route, mountaineering and multi-pitch.

guide de montagne
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