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Bouldering is an exciting and accessible discipline for all levels of climbers. 

Bouldering Technique Course

Bouldering offers several advantages over other disciplines in the sport of climbing. From a physical point of view, it develops strength, flexibility and balance. Mentally, it helps to learn to manage stress and strengthens self-confidence.


 Don't hesitate to get started in this exciting discipline by following our advice for getting started and progressing.

The bouldering course can be divided into several parts, depending on the level of the participants and the objectives of the course. Here are some of the skills that can be taught in a rock climbing bouldering course:

  • Safety: learn how to fall correctly and land safely. 

  • Risk assessment: learn how to assess climbing risks, identify potential dangers and take steps to avoid them.

  • Basic techniques: learn the basic movements of bouldering and progress.

  • Discovery of bouldering sites

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cours de bloc
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